N'ViVe Song Ngu Essential Oil (13ml)
Reduces pain and discomfort
N'Vive Song Ngu Essential Oil provides an effective, natural pain relief that may even increase the rate of healing. This therapeutic oil and stress-reliever unleashes a pleasant aroma, which calms the mind while it soothes the body.
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A Natural Soothing Pain Relieving Oil
Natural oils for pain have been around for years but this new formula is of the latest Chemical Technology as an analgesic. See the list of ingredients included in this N'ViVe Essential Oil:

  • For numbing effect, natural analgesic action and pleasant aroma…Menthol Crystals
  • Topical vasodilatation—Eucalyptus oil
  • For help in reducing pain—Peppermint oil
  • Reduction of inflammation—Topical Salicylates

This N'Vive Essential Oil is used on the skin and around the joints for relief of discomfort, even on the forehead for headache relief. A very helpful ointment and is MADE IN THE USA..


Menthol crystals, Eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, topical salicylates

How to Use

Shake the small bottle onto the area of pain and discomfort so that a few small drops are trickled onto the skin. Make sure not to have direct contact on the surface of the opening to prevent contamination. Massage the oil around the problem area and wait to let it absorb into the skin.


1. Where can I use Song Ngu on my body?
Song Ngu is often topically applied on aching joints, such as at the knees and elbows, forehead for headaches, and abdomen for stomach cramps. Please do not apply this internally or ingest this essential oil. It I meant for external use only.

2. When do I use Song Ngu?
Whenever you have some muscle cramps and pains, Song Ngu Essential Oil can help reduce and ease your discomfort. Apply it on the respective area that is aching. Do not apply on open wounds and cuts.

3. Can’t I just take an over the counter pain-relieving medicine to reduce my pain?
Song Ngu is made of natural ingredients and oils. It has active ingredients, with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, comparable to current over the counter pain-relieving medicine. It is a natural means of relaxation and relief without having to take any pills.

4. What should I expect when applying Song Ngu?
You should expect a warming and cooling sensation when applying it on the respective area of discomfort. After a few minutes, the aching sensation should diminish as the neurons have stopped triggering the pain signals to the brain.

5. I don’t like the smell of other Hot Oils, how does Song Ngu smell like?
Peppermint is one of the active ingredients in Song Ngu Essential Oil. Because of this, it adds a pleasant mint aroma, which a lot of our customers prefer compared to other hot oils in the market.

6. Is this safe on children?
A little topical application for young children is safe. However, the warming sensation may be uncomfortable for young children, so please use with precaution and parental supervision.


Song Ngu Essential Oil
Modern medicine was drawn from natural constituents until it was more efficient to produce them synthetically. These natural ingredients can still be used today to stimulate the same effects as some drugs. For example, hot oils are still being used after many years, especially in oriental cultures, to alleviate pain and induce a calming effect. Made of natural ingredients, Song Ngu Essential Oil is created using the latest technology to effectively relieve pain and discomfort. It can be applied topically to ease aching joints, throbbing foreheads, cramping abdomens, and sore muscles. It is made of peppermint oil that contains menthol crystals, Eucalyptus oil, and topical salicylates, all of which contribute to the analgesic sensation of Song Ngu Essential Oil.

Other than providing a pleasant aroma of mint, peppermint oil creates a long-lasting cooling effect to reduce pain. It also contains menthol crystals, which plays a large role in stimulating the skin to relieve muscle pain. In a study that examined essential oils’ effects on the mechanism of headaches, by H. Gobel et al., it was founded that peppermint significantly reduced headaches by inhibiting neurotransmitters in the trigeminal-vascular system, which are structures that generate headaches. It also relaxes the area of application by decreasing the tension by triggering increased blood flow. As for the menthol crystals, they are known to create a numbing feeling, as pure menthol is also a key component in local anesthesia, to reduce sensitivity to pain. The system of nociception, which regulates pain, is affected by calcium channels. When opened, calcium is able to flow into neurons to trigger pain signals to the brain. Menthol, when applied topically, inhibits these calcium receptors in order to create a cooling effect. Also, a study done in 2001, by Galeotti et al., on the analgesic properties of menthol concluded that menthol had the ability to promote analgesia by triggering the k-opioid system, which plays an important role in the perception of pain. Peppermint is a key component to ease minor discomfort and aching.

Eucalyptus oil is also often used in pharmaceutical products as anti-inflammatory and analgesic to relieve symptoms of joint and cold symptoms. These characteristics of Eucalyptus oil was investigated in 2003 by Jeane Silva et al. in order to validate the idea of using Eucalyptus plants in Brazilian medicine for reducing pain. They concluded that extracts from various Eucalyptus species had a substantial effect on alleviating pain by downregulating and blocking both the central and peripheral factors of the nociception system. Monoterpene, a component of the Eucalyptus oil, also inhibits cytokines, an inflammatory mediator, to reduce the sensitivity and perception of pain. Eucalyptus oil is also known to induce vasodilation, promoting blood flow and increasing temperature. These properties allow the Eucalyptus oil to createe a sensation of warmth and relaxation.

Methyl salicylates, an organic ester and main metabolite in aspirin, also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, added to Song Ngu to enhance the pain reducing effect of the hot oil. Methyl salicyltes is a very effective ingredient to relieve pain and generate comfort. It is also used in modern heat rubs, such as Bengay, to treat muscle and joint pain. Methyl salicylates inhibits the excessive build up of nitric oxide and cytokines, both of which functions in the pathogenesis of inflammation. Yoshinobu Higashi et al. carried out a double-blind study to evaluate the effectiveness of a patch, containing methyl salicylate and menthol, which treats mild pain. They concluded that there was significant pain relief in the treatment group compared to the subjects with a placebo. Methyl salicylates produce relaxation by increasing blood flow and body warmth as a result of vasodilation.

The ingredients in Song Ngu Essential Oil is created to provide for the utmost pain relief remedy. It contains peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil, and methyl salicylates that work to induce analgesic and anti-inflammatory responses. The oil absorbs into the skin to stimulate blood flow, block pain receptors, and create relaxation. Song Ngu Essential Oil can be applied to areas of mild pain, cramping, and aching, allowing for temporary relief and calming warmth.



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