N'ViVe White Velvet Body Exfoliator (450g)
Fades stretch marks and brightens discoloration of underarm skin
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White Velvet Body Exfoliator is made up of active mineral oils, essential oil, and mica pearl product that enable it to be a natural and rejuvenating exfoliator. It helps soothe and soften the skin without clogging the pores. Besides giving White Velvet its shimmering effect, mica pearl product has qualities to promote skin regeneration, provide moisture, and protect from UV rays. The Epsom salt reinforces the exfoliating effect to scrub away impurities and dead skin cells to expose younger and smoother skin. It contains a foaming agent that helps remove slough and dirt on the surface of the skin. The alluring and enchanting aroma creates a captivating setting. After use, the exfoliator leaves the body feeling velvety and new.

  • Contrary to other exfoliation products, White Velvet contains granulated salt gentle enough for everyday use to keep the skin feeling fresh and new every day
  • Penetrates the pile of dead cells that make the skin look lifeless, reviving healthy cells, leaving the skin looking more radiant
  • Captivating fragrance absorbs into the skin,  removing body odor by facilitating oil and sweat control
  • Soften the skin for a velvety sensation
  • Fades stretch marks and brightens discoloration of underarm skin
  • With 450 grams of exfoliator, White Velvet can be enjoyed and utilized for a long period of time
How to properly exfoliate:
1. Shower completely first for better results and longer lasting fragrance
2. Scoop appropriate amount of White Velvet on wet palms
3. Scrub exfoliate on body, arms, legs, or feet as necessary for the desired amount of time
4. Rinse exfoliate off completely  with lukewarm water

Who should I exfoliate?
As long as you have skin on your body, you can start to exfoliate. It is recommended for both men and women, of any age, to include exfoliation in their regular skincare routine. Gentle exfoliation can also be used on children once a week. 
What is the purpose of exfoliation?
New skin cells are developed every day, all over your body. With time, the skin cells begin to age and become dry, dying every 28th day. Approximately, 50,000 dead skin cells are shedding every minute, while some fall off and some do not. As it accumulates, your skin looks rough, your pores are clogged, and the pigment of your skin appears dull. Exfoliation is a method of removing the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of your skin. It is a means of exposing the younger, smoother looking skin hidden under the dry flakes that cover your body. 
When should I exfoliate?
Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, the frequency that you should exfoliate will vary. Most experts agree that two to three times a week is sufficient. Over-exfoliation may lead to irritation and the removal of healthy cells. 
Where should I exfoliate?
Exfoliating the entire external surface of your body has many benefits in addition to removing clogged cells. It can soften the texture of your skin, balance skin pigmentation, prevent acne breakouts, and reduce subtle signs of aging. For the face, a gentle exfoliate is necessary due to the high sensitivity of facial skin (see N’Vive Exfoliate Gel in the back of brochure).

N'ViVe White Velvet Body Exfoliator (450g)
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