NíViVe Serum (50ml)
Tone and brightens the face, increases skin hydration, & relieves heat, chemical, and sun damage
  • Reduces appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin tone. Increase hydration, oxygen absorption
  • Dramatically improves appearance of sun damaged skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of age-spots
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N'Vive Serum Brightener penetrates deep into the skin to create a more radiant appearance. The olive hydrosol and vitamin C in the lotus hydrosol serve as antioxidants, which helps to protect our skin from free radicals that will damage our skin cells. The squalene in olive hydrosol serves to help repair skin damage and discoloration.

  • Skin Whitenner
  • Oxygen Absorption
  • Relieves sun, heat and chemical burns
  • Non-comedogenic

Nvive Serum advanced formula of Hydrosol Lotus and Hydrosol Olive promotes oxygen delivery to muscle tissue and accelerates the removal of metabolic waste byproducts including acids, chemicals, ammonia, and built up metallic particles from makeup. Typically, those with darker skin tones are more prone to having a lack of oxygen circulation though it can affect nearly all skin types.

Nvive serum is formulated with a mixture of Aloe vera, which contains a variety of natural saponins, and lidocain extract oil base in order to relieve burning irritation, scarring, or brown/red patches on the skin. When skin is exposed to the sun, its natural defense is to create more melanin, causing an overall darkening or age spot. Our skin contains cells called melanocytes which produce melanin. Melanin is what gives our skin color and protects our skin from the sun's UV radiation.

The sun’s penetrating gamma rays are the main cause of hyper pigmentation on the epidermis which is the worst enemy of skin. Without proper sun protection, it is nearly impossible to expect successful treatment. Sunscreens and protective clothing go a long way in the treatment and prevention of most types of hyper pigmentation.
We avoid "magical" anti-aging creams and laser treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser skin abrasion, as well as chemical acid peels chemical which could prolong damage to skin. Pore-clogging ingredients can also cause adverse effects to sensitive skin as it prevents the skin from being truly moisturized. It also prevents healthy skin as it suffocates the pores and ultimately disallowing proper absorption of nutrients.

Nvive serum, enriched with oxygen, boosts circulation and balances the acids levels of the epidermis. The special formula instantly calm heat burns, irritation and itching which constitutes for radiant and rejuvenated looking skin.


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Hydrosol Lotus and Hydrosol Olive, Aloe Vera

How to Use

Pump a pea-sized amount of serum onto your finger and spread onto your dry face. Wait a few minutes before applying moisturizer, which may have a higher pH, thus reducing the effectiveness of the serum.


1. Why can’t I use the N’Vive Natural Cream on my face instead of the serum?
N’Vive Natural Cream may be too overwhelming for the sensitivity and structure of facial skin. The serum was created specifically to retain the moisture of facial skin and is created with the appropriate amount of cream and oils.

2. Will it clog my pores?
No, N’Vive Serum is made to be non-comedogenic so that it does not clog pores. It actually does quite the opposite; it promotes oxygen delivery to accelerate removal of metabolic waste byproducts and also controls sebum production so that the pores do not get blocked with excess oil and dirt.

3. How much do I apply on my face for each application?
A couple pumps the size of a dime on the index finger is enough to permeate a thin layer of serum throughout the face.
4. Will it help get rid of my old scars?
N’Vive Serum works best for new scars since it assists with the healing process so that inflammation is reduced and collagen proliferation is enhanced. With old scars, the epidermis has already closed and the fibrous structure is established, making it difficult to remodel the scar. However, the serum brightens the face so that the appearance of the scars is reduced.

5. Can I use apply this serum on my sunburn?
Yes, with Hydrosol Rose, Lotus, Olives  as the main active ingredients, the serum is ideal to treat sunburns, whether it is on the face or elsewhere. Better yet, the serum can also be applied to heat or chemical burns to accelerate and enhance the healing process.

6. Will the serum get rid of my acne?
The serum is used as a means of preventing blackheads and acne, rather than a treatment for acne.

7. Will it help even out my skin pigmentation?
Yes, the promotion of oxygen circulation evens out skin tones and creates a brighter, healthier appearance, reducing red and brown patches.

8.  When do I use this when I am applying makeup?
N’Vive Serum works best when used before applying any other moisturizer or makeup. It works best on a naked face so that it protects pores from being clogged and can be completely absorbed into the skin.

9. I am a loyal customer for N’Vive Serum, is there a special promotion for me?
We love to reward our loyal customers and show you our appreciation for your business. You have the opportunity to receive a free gift* upon filling out the following form. Please email and attach the form to nvive99@yahoo.com.

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Why NíViveís Face Serum is a Necessity
As we age, our skin grows wearier and is less efficient in retaining moisture, producing melanin, and healing our skin. N’Vive’s Face Serum is formulated with natural ingredients to target and enhance the affected processes that our skin can no longer maintain effectively. Contrary to typical moisturizers, a serum is used to penetrate deeper into the skin to create a more radiant appearance. The water based ingredients and smaller sized molecules are able to absorb more effectively into the lower layers of the skin to completely nourish our face. Adding a serum into daily makeup routines will help accelerate results with satisfying efficacy. It is enriched with natural ingredients of various hydrosols to provide a non-comedogenic face serum that promotes skin hydration, brightens the skin, and accelerates wound healing.

From time to time, especially during the winter, our face becomes dry, flaky, and dull due to its pale complexion. It lacks the nutrients and moisture that is delivered to the epidermis. In turn, the texture of our skin is also affected, giving us an aging and lifeless appearance. Our skin consists of an epidermis where natural moisturizing factors help maintain the hydration of our skin, which helps to sustain the elasticity and overall health of our stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis. Lipids are arranged under the stratum corneum to prevent the evaporation of water. When these systems go awry, the skin becomes dry and fails to retain moisture. N’Vive’s Face Serum contains ingredients that will improve the overall hydration and condition of the skin. Glycerin, a compound with 3 hydroxyl groups, is hydroscopy in nature and acts as humectants by drawing water into the epidermis from the dermis, providing lubrication to elevate skin hydration. The rose hydrosol is a crucial factor in that it has emollient properties that help to restore the skin’s moisture and also serves as humectants. Rose hydrosol also functions as a toner to reduce the appearance of pores, controlling sebum production. The olive hydrosol and vitamin B in the lotus hydrosol serves to boost circulation of blood and nutrients to give the face a natural glow and accelerate the removal of metabolic waste. The olive hydrosol also works to reverse subtle signs of aging, such as wrinkles. These ingredients help to enhance the skin’s texture to calm the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. In turn, the texture of the skin becomes smoother and appears brighter, healthier, and rejuvenated due to the increased circulation of water and nutrients to the surface of the skin.

Many of us suffer from skin damage and uneven pigmentation due to genetics, environmental exposure, and inflammation, all of which gives our skin an unhealthy appearance. Melanocytes are skin cells that create melanin, which gives our skin its pigmentation and plays a very vital role in protecting our skin from sun damage. There are two types of melanin—eumelanin for brown and black tones and pheomelanin for yellow and red tones. Those with darker skin tones have a surplus amount of melanosomes that synthesize large melanin, which provides better photoprotection for the skin. The lotus hydrosol contains 22.66% of palmitic acid methyl ester, which regulates and increases melanin production by increasing the expression of tyrosinase. The olive hydrosol and vitamin C in the lotus hydrosol serve as antioxidants, which helps to protect our skin from free radicals that will damage our skin cells. The squalene in olive hydrosol serves to help repair skin damage and discoloration. Vitamin B in the lotus hydrosol also serves as an effective means of reducing hyperpigmentation to give a face a more radiating and brighter look. N’Vive’s Face Serum works to reduce uneven skin tone and prevents further damage to the skin by providing added protection.

Due to chemical or environmental burns and wounds from blemishes, our face is bound to leave unwanted scars. When our skin is aggravated from a physical stimulus, a sensory receptor is stimulated to trigger a response. When our skin is burned from chemicals irritants or sun damage, our skin is fast to replace the dead cells with new cells, causing redness, peeling, itchiness, and tenderness. Although our skin can heal on its own with time, N’Vive’s Face Serum serves to shorten the amount of time needed with the help of natural ingredients to help ease the pain. The serum is created with a mixture of ingredients to alleviate the burning sensation. When lidocaine is topically applied, itching, burning, and pains from skin inflammation is relieved. It blocks pain signals before they are delivered to the brain, simulating a calming sensation. The lotus hydrosol also acts to stimulate relaxation, mitigate stressors, and has the potency to create a cold sensation to control redness and burning. Olive hydrosols serve as an anti-inflammatory agent due to the oleocanthal compound, which inhibits the inflammatory response of cyclooxygenase enzymes. Redness and inflammation is further alleviated with the help of rose hydrosol and linoleic acid from lotus hydrosol. Aloe vera is another crucial ingredient that serves as an anti-inflammatory factor and accelerates cell proliferation and migration to reduce the appearance of a scar. Collagen production is increased and wound recovery is healthier and accelerated. N’Vive’s Face Serum contains ingredients to prevent unwanted scars and alleviate burning and itching sensation from sunburns and chemical injuries.

N’Vive’s Face Serum contains natural ingredients to promote healthier looking skin by increasing the circulation of nutrients and hydration to the skin, enhancing photoprotection, and relieving the skin from burning sensations. The skin is able to look younger with diminished signs of aging, such as wrinkles, discoloration, and pale complexion. With the compilation of such effective active ingredients, N’Vive’s Face Serum is a necessity in every skincare routine.


I started using the serum because my acne had become so bad the scars I got were embarrassing. I finally used the product after 4 months of listening to the results of other users. I started using it at the end of March 2013 and it is now the end of April. Less than a month and I am in love with results! I canít wait to start washing my face with the new facial exfoliator as well! - Shayla Francis, Bronx, New York
I worked under very harmful chemical conditions, and N’Vive Serum is my Essential protective product.
• Reduces appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles
• Improve skin tone. Increases hydration, oxygen absorption
• Dramatically improves appearance of sun damaged skin
• Diminishes the appearance of age-spots
- Mikaela Victoria
I wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with your product. I have been using N’Vive Serum for a few months... I have noticed wrinkles softening, facial lines plump up, and brighter skin. My skin is now firm, vibrant, youthful, and it's looking better. Thank you N’Vive for a great product! - Fijita Sachi
I was so happy with the results from the NíVive shampoo that I bought the skin whitener. Within two weeks of using the product on my skin with my normal cleanser, my acne was slowly diminishing. I started to cry with relief. I was suffering from horrible acne since I was about 16 years old. I had tried everything. Iím so in love with these products. Iíve recommended it to my family and friends. I will continue buying Nívive products as long as they are around, which Iím hoping is a long time because I really donít know what I would do without these products. Thank you so much to whomever has created Nívive products. They have changed my life for the better. - Michelle Flores, New York
After using the NíVive cream and seeing its effective results, I looked into the other products that the NíVive line provided. The skin whitening serum caught my eye. I started using it and massaging it on my neck and face. At work, my customers that hadnít seen me for a few weeks thought I had a face lift because my face looked tighter and toner. I laughed and recommended the product to them. I felt great! My skin also looks brighter and new! - Monica Nguyen, Taylorsville, Utah
N'vive Skin Brighter Serum is awesome!!! I have tired numerous products to remove my sun spots for many years costing from several hundred dollars facial cleaning packages to magazine claimed ‚Äúproven tested results‚ÄĚ creams. However, none of them has impressed me as much as this product. Within a month‚Äôs time it has removed more sun spots than any other product I have tried. In addition to removing my dark spots, it makes a fantastic moisturizer. Thanks, N'Vive! - Valerie Sobotta
I wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with your product. I have been using†NíVive Serum†for a few months. I have noticed wrinkles softening, facial lines plump up, and brighter skin. My skin is now firm, vibrant, youthful, and it's looking better. Thank you NíVive for a great product! - Fijita Sachi
It took only minutes before I felt my skin begin to tighten. Unlike other products I have tried before, my skin also felt rejuvenated and nourished. There wasn't a hint of dryness. My wrinkles continued to smooth out over time and my skin became increasingly soft. Finally, an age defying skincare that actually works! - huong phi
I have been struggling with acne ever since I was in elementary school. I started to break out again during my last couple years of college. Now that I am graduated, it is important for me to have a professional and clean appearance. I began experimenting with various acne products that my friends have recommended, treatments my dad got influenced into buying, and cleansers from drug stores. At one point, my skin was so dry and itchy from the chemicals I was applying to my face. My face was burning and was glowing red. I was so embarrassed. I started to use the serum on my face, hoping the burning would disappear. After a few minutes, my face felt calmer and was no longer irritated. - Mimi Vu, 22, Santa Ana, California
I worked under very harmful chemical conditions, and NíVive Serum is my Essential protective product.†It has done everything it advertises to do. Itís reduced my dark circles, improved my skin tone, improved skin damages, and has made my skin look brighter and younger! - Mikaela Victoria


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